Culture at the Courtauld Collection, Somerset with a bit of Blossom

Last weekend it was grey, this weekend it was grey and wet. Oh and I'd had a heavy night the night before so wasn't up for much too energetic so an art gallery was on the cards. OH wanted to go and see the Goya at the Courtauld Gallery
Now this is the closest I could get in taking a photo of the art work in the exhibition. It was a good exhibition but the art work was very small and it being a Sunday was quite busy. Oh and photography was strictly forbidden. Anyway I found myself getting very frustrated as I couldn't just stand and admire the work without feeling crowded. Still OH enjoyed it. 
 So OH and I went for a wander round the collection as well. First up was this amazing statue which really minded me of the cover to New Order's 1989 album Technique which I used to listen to on remote as a teenager. It's not of course...
It's slightly more famous as it's the statue immortalised by Cezanne - you can just see the painting in the background. Brilliant! 

 I loved this Van Gogh - the textures are so vibrant - I could almost feel myself in the country side looking at this. 
 And my last mini impressionist round up - a Renoir through a Rodin - I kinda like the mix up. 
 On the way home one of my favourite trees for blossom was just coming out. 
Nothing says spring like blossom - shame the weather is struggling to catch up with the flowers. It's still cold and miserable!! 

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