More Spring colour in sunny South London

This time last year I was suffering from a bout of depression and self doubt. Not the best of times but one thing that really helped was sunshine. Now when I see blue sky and sunshine I try to get outside if I can, even if it's just for a few moments. I'd checked the weekend forecast and saw that it was going to be pretty grey and miserable except first thing on Saturday morning so I bounced out of bed early enough to be out the door, trusty camera in hand to go round my favourite stomping ground of my local park to take these:
Look I was up so early that there was no kids in the playground... it was eerily quiet!
Early morning shadows
Ah nothing says spring like daffodils. And these were super tiny and super cute!
OK ready for lots of blossom shots? Here's looking up. Always look up on a sunny day, through trees if you can - it will make you smile :)
The park through blossom

The tennis courts through the blossom
And a close up of yes you've guessed it blossom! 
9am and the infamous Park Run gets ready to set off from the Lido with the cityscape of London in the background - you can just make out the London Eye in the right of the picture. 
Highlight of my walk was spotting this long tailed tit, one of my favourite birds and in the middle of London (albeit in the park). OK not the best photo as of course I had the wrong lense! Always keep an eye out as wildlife is all around - you just have to look for it!
Yep  I spotted more blossom on the other side of the park, Pink and blue - bliss! 
Sunshine through the trees
And look the Park Run caught up with me. There were loads of them!
Small patches of daffodils throughout the park
Winter is still close by - loving the reflections of these reeds in the duck pond
Early morning stretches 
And dappled light - just look at that sunshine!!

And I managed to time my walk perfectly as the cloud came in just as I got back home and the rest of the weekend was grey and miserable so a great excuse to keep on crafting!! 

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