Crafty Update and work in progress

Another week and look more craft! I seem to be on a roll. So first up it was Mother's Day here in the UK. I was feeling a little uninspired until I went to one of my favorite sites Paper Panda and downloaded this template.  A little bit too big to be a card but do you know what? My mum was, and I quote, 'gob smacked' when she opened it. If you know my mum this is a very rare occurrence!
Next up is a little experiment in embroidered pendants. I was quite chuffed as it's so cute! 
Now I have a few projects on the go and though I should share my work in progress to date as they are quite big projects, First up I've started  a blanket for a baby due in July. All very exciting! It's going to be for the sibling of the recipient of this blanket a couple of years ago. 
And finally it may not look like much at the moment but this is 1/4 of my next cross stitch project. 
It's based on this photo from last year of a wild flower meadow in my favorite Brockwell Park
Can you tell which section is belongs to yet? I've got a long road ahead of me but so far so good!

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