London Walk - Liverpool Street to Hackney Central

Today was a grey day. The weather report had at one point promised sunshine for Sunday but while there were glimpses of blue sky it was pretty grey but it didn't stop OH and I heading out for a walk. We haven't been for a walking about town for a while. I suggested heading East from Liverpool Street and here is what we saw:
Near Shoreditch High Street station OH spotted this - eerily beautiful

Above and below were on Redchurch Street heading towards Brick Lane 

But we cut through Arnold Circus to avoid the crowds of Brick Lane where I spotted this fab Victorian signage

And quirky traffic sign
Now it being Sunday we caught the tail end of Columbia Road Flower Market

This is somewhere I've always wanted to go to but even  though it was in the last hour it was heaving so here are the pictures I took from the pavement looking into the market

At the top end of Columbia Road I spotted this brilliant phone next to a take away
OH let me pop into Hackney City Farm for a quick chicken fix 

So much of London seems to be being pulled down and rebuilt, mainly into luxury flats. Soon there will be little of true London left and no one will be able to afford to live there. So much greed, very little foresight. 

More great graffiti on Broadway Market 
And the canal with a gas storage tower in the background. These too are being sold off and so this view may not be there for much longer either. 
True East End - can't stand jellied eels myself but love the frontage of this eel shop and it's as London as you can get.
More fabulous graffiti on Ada Street - or should that be Inequality Street. Another statement on the redevelopment of the area.
We ended our walk going up the Regent Canal up to Hackney. Got a bit carried away with the reflections 
So there we have it, a brief walk through East London. And so much to see! OH wants to do some of the Capital Ring which is on the agenda soon. I'll keep you posted!

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