Alluring orchids at Kew Gardens

So my photo buddy and I enjoyed the Spring colour at Kew but we also popped into the Princess of Wales Conservatory which housed a stunning exhibition "Alluring Orchids" and we timed our visit to perfection as it was the final weekend of the exhibition. Now we're used to seeing just a stem of orchids sold in the shops but here they had huge trees of orchids, floor to ceiling. And the colours were just  so vibrant, I was blown away. The only downside was that everyone else was enjoying the show so it was, at times, a bit of a rugby scrum. Anyway enjoy the photos:

These ones reminded me of the talking flowers in Disney's Alice in Wonderland!

As you can see the displays were floor to ceiling. Such abundance of colour if the weather hadn't been so amazing outside we would certainly have been happy if we'd just seen these. 
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