The Thirst in Windrush Square, Brixton

Life is funny sometimes. Back in 2013 I took this photo at Brixton Splash, which was then used on the front cover of local listings magazine Lambeth Weekender in 2014. To my shame I had no idea who the band were but loved the image. 
Then the weekend before last I came across The Thirst playing in Windrush Square on my way home. I had my camera with me but I also carrying a lot of heavy bags and it had been a long old day so I took a quick photo on my mobile and put a picture up on Instagram. At the time I thought it could be the same band but I wasn't 100% certain until it was liked by @markthethirst. And yes you've guessed it I found my mystery guitar player as he had picture of Lambeth Weekender in his instagram feed. 
So last Friday I was on my way home and realised that the Thirst were back and were going to do another set. I didn't have my camera but luckily I live quite close by so I was able to pop home, pick up the camera and come back.  Here's what I took:  

So if you live in Brixton, or even London keep an eye out for them and you can catch a great set. 

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