Spitting Image

Well March for me was a bit of wash out I'm afraid hence not many posts. I found myself in a bit of a dark place which was, well, depressing! But having spent a few weeks talking to a fantastic counsellor back on form and coming back into the light.

Anyway moving on.... This Sunday OH and I went along to the Cartoon Museum to check out the Spitting Image exhibition. Now I think every child of the 70s watched Spitting Image in the 80s and didn't necessarily get the politics (well perhaps it was just me). I watched a documentary a couple of weeks ago which pointed out that Spitting Image meant that you knew many more politicians that you possibly would now and it's so true.
Anyway the exhibition was mixture of photos, models and cartoons (well it was in the Cartoon Museum after all) 
And also a lot of merchandise..... 
Despite there being signs everywhere saying you could take photos of the gallery but not a one specific art work I was asked not to take photos was a little annoying to be honest.... 
Put I played the game and put the camera away but confusing signage to say the least. Ah well. Overall was a great exhibition and was nice to visit a small museum for a change which we haven't done for a while! Shame I can't get the blooming Spitting Image song out of my mind....

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