Crafty Fox comes to Brixton part two

And so we come to Sunday, the final Crafty Fox Market  of the month and I was a woman on a mission. Sunday is usually the day I spend with O.H. so I had an hour to power round the market, take snaps, say hi to people and then go off to meet O.H. for a Riot of Colour. It was a tough job but someone has to do it So here are my favourite pics from regulars and new makers. Enjoy!
Stephan, one half of Crafty Fox keeps shoppers happy with some chilled out funky tunes. 
Vel-Ro : belts upcycled from bike tyres 
The camera shy Cecily Vessey shows off one her fabulous oven gloves

I loved these upcycled plant holders by Bella Does Brighton 
Crafty Fox had a new section this year.... some of the makers on Sunday were: 

Phew! What a whole lot a talent. Want to see more photos? Go to the Crafty Fox facebook page for even more photos taken over both weekends. Some are even by me!! 

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