Crafty Fox time again, part one

Can you believe that Easter is here already! Where does the time go? Anyway Easter always heralds a Crafty Fox market and this April there are four markets rather than just two. Happy times indeed! So I'm lucky as I'm one of the photographers for the market and so get to take lots and lots of photos. Here are some of my favourites from the Saturday in Peckham, if that's not enough for you then you can see more on the Crafty Fox Facebook page 
Oh these made me smile so much. One of O.H's words. Karin Akesson
I met Zoe from Ladybird Likes at another event a couple of weeks ago (which I really must blog about) and also read a really inspirational article featuring her  in the latest Mollie Makes so was good to see this Crafty Fox regular again.
Everytime they are there I have to photograph Pygmy Cloud, makes me smile every time. 

Great to see new and old designs from AndSmiles
Workshops involved the always glamorous and inspirational Lisa Comfort from Sew Over It . Have admired her work for a long time so was great to meet her. 
And print a tote bag (or an apron) with Mr Wingate - a Crafty Fox regular
As is Jimbobart (he's responsible for the Crafty Fox art work as well) though I always have to avoid their stall as I seem  to make their customer's disappear whenever I arrive.... I blame the camera. 
Sums up the diversity of the Crafty Fox, Knickers by Voila Le Velo and cushions by Georgia Bossom
Found myself wondering if I knew any dogs who I could buy one of these Hiro and Wolf collar. My bff is a terrier called Skylon but I couldn't see a colour that would suit her.....
I love this shot of the amazing, fabulous Sinead, mastermind behind the Crafty Fox along with partner in crime (and husband) Stephan. Together they make a formidable couple.
Seemed appropriate given we were in Peckham.... Capture on the Rye
So that's that, well day one anyway!

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