Spitalfields Walk

This weekend was birthday celebrations for me not quite 40th and I wanted to go for a walk around Liverpool Street up to Columbia Rd to visit the fabulous Rob Ryan shop. To add to the excitement I was using a new lens for the first time and was in seventh heaven! Certainly the best lens I've bought since my huge wildlife lens so there are quite a few pictures - sorry. Actually it the first lens I've bought since I bought that one but I digress....

The thing I love about around this area is the diverse street art you can see:

On Cheshire Street....

You can't avoid Jack the Ripper in this part of town...

Smiley shark

The meaning of life on Brick Lane

Part of a huge mural homage to Star Wars

Another mural

Anyway finally reached Ryantown in Columbia Rd. Paper cutter (yes really - look at the website) extraordinaire. These were new in

And finally we stopped off at Hackney City Farm which is a hidden treasure for a chicken obsessive like myself:
One of the weirdest birds I've seen for a while

Someone was having a bad hair day!

And just to show that they don't just do chickens there....

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