A family affair

Every year OH's family arrange a meet up between all the cousins and grandchildren and they take it in turns to organise the event. This year it was OH's turn to get the picnic, choose the venue and organise an activity. Finding a suitable venue is always a struggle (as there are nearly 20 people in total varying in age from 11-70!) so I suggested Butterfly World just outside St Albans which turned out to be perfect. After a mighty fine picnic (including cake!!) we went to have a look around the butterfly house and gardens and I was in seventh heaven!

This isn't the best shot in the world but is of a brand new butterfly who had literally just emerged from it's coccoon.
There were so many butterflies it was difficult to decide where to focus!
These spheres were part of the gardens which looked great but will be amazing once they had a few years to mature. If you look really carefully you can see my self portrait.
These must be my favourite butterflies in the world. I first saw them last year and featured them in my Time Flutters By post but I think these are slightly better pictures (thank you fab new camera lense). So they look like a leaf when they're closed....
But open up into this !
I don't think Wayne was too happy to have this love in take place on his jeans and OH was worried that I was getting even more wildlife porn to add to the collection but I love the heart shape these damsel flies make.
Lunch time whether it's nectar.....
or fruit...
Now I can't take credit of this photo of the leaf cutter ants which was taken by OH's nephew who loved my camera - he's certainly got an eye photography!
Finally the spheres from above in context - this was one of my favourite shots of the day! 

All in all everyone seemed to enjoy the day. We were very lucky and had glorious sunshine all day and I certainly look as if I've caught the sun! Still at least we don't have to worry about arranging this for another six year! 

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