A birthday treat

Firstly I must apologise for not writing for a while. It has been a very busy few weeks of photo taking which I will tell you about over the next few weeks. The first photo outing of the week was a trip to my beloved Wetlands Centre in Barnes on my not quite 40th birthday. Now I warn you, there are a lot of photos - I took over a 1000 in one day so I've been edited a lot!

 Now this Barnacle Goose was chasing everyone away from the water and if you look closely definitely has a scowl.....
 Now this little minx was far from being coy
And soon he was down to business
 And how cute are these little balls of fluff - baby Little Grebes
 But it wasn't all the birds and the bees.....
 This guy was pretty ugly but a great model
 Normally I'm not happy with photos of the Red Pochard, however parenthood must have made a duck out of him....

 And signets are cute too
 And to finish a pair of tufted ducks out for a stroll

At one point I used to go to the WWT at least twice a month but that was until I met OH. Ducks aren't really his thing (and I think he worries about my fixation about photographing duck porn) so days like this are super special! Until next year....

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