Unknown treasures

Sunshine finally made a come back this weekend. Annoyingly OH had to go watch his beloved Arsenal get third place (and so luckily a place in the Champion's league) so there were no plans for a walk this weekend. But I did get out to get some sunshine.

These are views from my kitchen window before I went out and replanted some pots in my petite garden. I had hoped to do this in March but as I couldn't lift anything for six weeks, and then the horrendous weather I've only just got round to do this. I'm hoping there will plenty of  flowers for me  to show you at a later stage.....

Now I've lived in Brixton now almost as long as I had lived in my beloved Cumbria (aka the Lake District) and surprised myself by not realising this amazing mural was on the far side of a building I see on a regular basis on the weekend.

I found about it via a leaflet from the Mural Preservation Society which I was given last week at the
Brixton Windmill Festival and realised that I recognised the building and went to investigate.

It's called Nuclear Dawn but for some reason remind me of Terry Prachett's Death.

It's opposite Brixton Village which is a massive success of regeneration

Finally another view of my feet - my current obsessions. I love the shadows though they do make me look a weird shape. I assure you in real life I'm not that odd looking.... honest!

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