If you go down to the woods.....

 Would you believe that this is only 11 minutes from Brixton?

OH and I hopped on the train down to Sydenham Hill to Dulwich Woods for a wander. I'd never been there before and hadn't realised a) how close it was and b) how quiet (apart from the bird song) part of it could be. A small patch of woodland around an abandoned railway line

 These boots were made for walking though after all the recent rain it was a little muddy....
 But it been May the bluebells were out (one of my favourite flowers which always flower at my birthday)
 And the whole area is run by the wonderful Wildlife Trust
And here is a not so flattering self portrait at Sydenham Hill Station. I love convex mirrors though they're not great for those with the fuller figure.....
 And a fabulous heart shapped leaf spotted whilst waiting for our train back to Brixton. A short but very plesant walk in the countryside hiding in the city.

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