Brixton Market held another fabulous market last weekend called 'BrixMix' which was to show the diversity of this up and coming market promoting local produced food and handmade items. First stop was Anna Smith Bake's stall. Not only are they great to photograph but I succumbed this time round and purchased both a Bakewell tart AND a brownie (don't tell OH) and I have to say that they were absolutely gorgeous - one of the nicest cakes I have ever eaten (and I've eaten a few in my time). No wonder she won the Brixton Bake Off a few weeks ago.

In addition to stalls there was live graffiti. I was lucky enough to be able to pop back and see David from Graffiti Life's progress throughout most of the day and what an amazing experience. I felt privileged to watch this work of art progressing throughout a thoroughly baking hot day!

And amazing cup cakes! Very tempting in the sunshine
Alongside cakes there were vintage stalls - this is from Vintage Perks 
As well as promotion of Local Greens, a local initiative with collection points of locally sourced veg in the area. The closest farm that supplies them is only 11 miles away - amazing given we live so close to central London.
And there was a stall from Khasma selling, in addition to their addictive cakes, their homemade jams. They can be found on Acre Lane and do great Algerian food which I can highly recommend if you're looking for something different. And do have the cakes after your meal with fresh mint tea - you will have died and gone to heaven and it may take you a while to roll yourself home! Or was that just me....

I'm still experimenting with bw photography when I remember! Was very happy with this street scene of the market
There was also handmade wares throughout the market. This was jewellery from Trigull
And locally grown lavender bags! 
And finally more delicious looking cakes from the Mixing Bowl. You will note the word 'looking', as I'd already pigged out at Anna Smith Bakes I had to be strong whilst photographing these beauties! Next week's market is a Jubilee High Tea and Flea Market to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Anna Smith Bakes will be there so definitely worth another visit, even if just for the cake!!

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