Easter Break in France

Can it be May already? April has been very hectic as I've been having some renovations at home (I'll share once it's all finished) which resulted in the house being in absolute chaos. I now have a space for the laptop and have started to work through the snaps I've been taking in the past month and will now share over the next day or two.

So first up I took the annual pilgrimage to see the folks over in France. If you're a regular reader you'll know I try and go over at Easter to spend sometime with them and a change of scenery. When I read the weather forecast two weeks before I left it was awful. Rain practically everyday and when it wasn't raining it was meant to be cloudy. Not what I was looking forward to.
So imagine my delight when it was sunny practically everyday! 
 I must admit I didn't venture very far. This is the view of the church which is very prominent in the village from the terrace
 Even managed a lovely sunset 
 I went for a couple of walks around the village with my mum. 
 Just look how blue that sky is. And the leaves were a wonderful lime green as they were new and luscious. 
Also spotted some sheep which I haven't seen in the village for a while. It used to be full of sheep about 20 years ago but now they are a rare sight. You used to be able to hear them as well as they had bells around their necks. 
 You can see numerous crosses around the village. This one dates back to the 1870s. 
And here are a couple of shots of the village.
These reminded me of a Van Gogh painting.....
 Back at mum and dad's the garden was full of colour
 And not only tulips!
 And of course the colour attracted many butterflies. Here is a pair or orange tips 
I don't know why but I love the view over into my mum and dad's neighbours. 
 The only day out I went on was to the local market in Cahors, a nearby town. Luckily it was a grey day when we went so I didn't miss out on any sunshine! 
 So that's it. Possibly not the busiest of weeks but certainly lovely sitting in the sun, sewing and listening to the birds. 

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