Tip toe through the tulips - a trip to Keukenhof

Back in February I was flicking through a gardening magazine and spotted a small article about the tulip fields in Holland and the Keukenhof. The Keukenhof is a celebration  of tulips and spring flowers in a parkland which I hadn't realised was so close to where OH's dad lives. And so an idea grew in my mind to persuade OH to come with me to see the tulips. I didn't think he would agree as flowers aren't his idea of fun but combining the trip with seeing his dad meant it was a win win. So we popped over to Holland for a short 2 day break.

Keukenhof, in a nutshell, was mind blowing. The colours made my heart sing. Every corner we turned I was blown away by another amazing sight. I have taken so many photos and it was impossible to delete as many as I should have. But here is a selection of my favourites to give you a flavour of what an incredible spectacle the Keukenhof is. If you don't like tulips turn away now :)

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