A postcard from Haarlem

I made OH spend a day among the tulips in Holland a couple of weeks ago. We were staying in the beautiful town of Haarlem which is in between Amsterdam and the airport. I had been to Haarlem before but only in the evening for dinner (as OH's dad lives close by) so it was lovely to spend a couple of hours exploring the town before flying back to the UK.

I love Dutch architecture.
So loved wandering through the historic part of the town

Our destination was the Teylers Museum which is one of the oldest museums in the world.
It reminded me a bit of the John Sloan Museum in London, an eclectic mixture of items across the arts and sciences.  
We also popped into the Watteau exhibition. Now I must admit I'd never even heard of Watteau but the fine drawing from around 1700 was mind blowing. 

 And another quick wander around the streets of Haarlem. 
 Complete with canals - it wouldn't be Holland without a canal! 
As I wanted a closer look at one of Haarlem's land marks, a windmill (of course) 

And that's it - a short tour of Haarlem before we had to head for the airport to catch our flight home. 

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