Sensational Butterflies

Now I know what your thinking, I've returned to the annual spectacular, and one of my favourites Sensational Butterflies at the Natural History Museum. But no, whilst away in France I saw seven different kinds of butterflies and two months. Luckily I had my macros lens with me which I nearly didn't take. I managed to photograph all bar one butterfly. So here we are in particular order:
Red Admiral
Orange Tip

These are called Scarce Swallowtails as they are rare in the UK but clearly not in France!

And this is the majestic Swallowtail 

This was a brief visitor, A Painted Lady which we only saw twice. 

And finally for the butterflies a Brimstone. I did also spot something called a Green Hairstreak  but sadly it was only there for a fleeting second so I didn't have a chance to take a photo. Love the name though!
And next up the moths. This is a Broad Boarded Bee Hawk Moth which I've never seen before and it was amazing.

And finally a Hummingbird moth, a nightmare to photograph but it's ok. So there we have it, an incredible sight all seen on one lilac bush! 

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