A postcard from Oxford

So this year I turned 44. Not quite sure how that happened but thems the facts. Now I love celebrating my birthday. Every year I turn into an even bigger kid than I normally am, annoying OH for weeks going on and on and on about my birthday. I'd arrange to meet all my mates for drinks which is great as I'm a bit of a social butterfly and have lots of different groups of friends who don't normally see each other except at my birthday. And I'd been doing this for at least 20 years. But this year something was different. This year I just didn't feel like celebrating it. I can't explain it but there was no anticipation, no excitement, no giddiness. Not quite sure what happened. Perhaps it was because it was on a Monday. Or perhaps I'm (whispers) old..... BUT the one tradition I did uphold was meeting up with my photo buddy and going for an adventure. For the past couple of years we have been going to one of my favourite places on the planet Great Dixter but this year I figured we should go there during a different flowering season so suggested a day out to Oxford. Not sure why Oxford but it's a city I've always loved since I've been a kid. Oh and I'm a massive Morse addict. So here is my postcard from a very sunny Oxford.

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