Garden update

It's summer and the garden is looking mighty fine even if I say so myself. We've just come back from a short break over in Kent / East Sussex where I saw some amazing gardens which always restore my soul. But I took some pics of my own little patch before we left. Living in central London I only have two tiny patches which I can call my own but I love seeing them develop over time and am pleased to have created so much colour, some of which from scratch either from seed or tuber.
 First up some scabiosa - I bought these as mixed plugs so wasn't sure what colour I would get. White isn't my favourite but it's a change from purple which I would normally have gone for so they certainly stand out, 

 I've become a little obsessed with geraniums which pump out flowers like no bodies business which is fine by me and the bees!

 Another of my favourites is this Japanese anemone though I've recently seen some that are very tall so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I love them anyway. 
 These osteospermum are great for flowering throughout the summer
 The following three I've grown from seed which I'm very chuffed with. First up Indian Prince Calundula 
Love in the Mist
My Black Eyed Susans bring a blast of sunshine 
 I've been trying again to grow dahlias which I have fallen in love with. Here is the first flower of the year though I'm a bit disorganised so I'm not sure what kind of dahlia it is.....  
 Sweet peas which were rubbish last year but seem to be fairing better this year and their perfume is sensational. 

Another shot of the cornflowers, sorry I couldn't resist!
Tomato flowers - I do also have some fruit, just waiting for it to ripen. Grown from seed mind 
Another bee favourite verbena which I managed to grow from seed much to my surprise!
Nasturtiums which bring more sunshine to the garden though I think they're probably the easiest thing to grow from seed. 

And finally some snapdragons which a work colleague gave to me last year as seedlings and they have thrived. So there we have it, a quick glimpse into a small garden. It's not much but it's mine and brings me such happiness that's all that really matters. 

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