A long awaited visit to Sissinghurst

There are two really famous gardens in the area where we were staying, Sissinghurst and Great Dixter. If you are a regular reader you'll know that I try to make a pilgrimage to Dixter each year, usually in May. When I'd booked our accommodation for our trip I didnt realise how close to both we were. Poor OH, gardens aren't really our thing but luckily they both feature history, architecture and a nice walk to ease the plain.

So I chose to take OH to Sissinghurst first as I'd read that there was a walk around the estate as well as the garden and house to keep OH happy. Also I'd never been before as its so close to Dixter I have never been able to combine the two in a day trip from London. I also figured that if he opted not to go to Dixter then at least I would have seen Sissinghurst!
You are welcomed by this incredible wildflower meadow which is a small lawn on either side of the main entrance into the house. 

You then wander round the edges of this lawn. The borders are awesome filled with so many plants and colour. 
Here is Sissinghurst's famous White Garden which was full of lots of lovely soft tones. I was surprised by how much variety and colour there was. I was expecting to hate this but I actually really liked it. 

There was also a very green, shady wooded area which was beautiful. 

Now the White Garden at Sissinghurst is really famous but it's lead me to think in my mind that Sissinghurst was a bit bland. This garden changed my mind instantly - such a blast of vibrant oranges it lifted my soul. 
Now bear with me while we have a quick switch in photo format for some close ups.

 So after boring OH to death we went for a wander around the estate. 
First stop was this rather impressive vegetable garden which the National Trust use to supply the cafes in Sissinghurst 
I was a little transfixed by the sunflowers, especially as the seeds I planted this year did nothing (I know how can you go that wrong with a sunflower!) 

 The walk took us down a very pretty, tree covered lane 
Before opening out into open farmland which was been grazed by the locals! 
OH said he'd overheard two women debating which was better, Dixter or Sissinghurst. It's a tough one. Dixter always makes my heart sing but I really enjoyed the colour and variety at Sissinghurst. And in case you're wondering pictures from Dixter coming up soon!

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