Castles and churches - a trip in land: Romney Marsh and Bodiam Castle

OH and I spent a couple of days exploring the Kent / East Sussex border last week. After a few days on the coast we were heading in land. We started for a quick wander around Rye which is on the coast. I've visited Rye before with my good friend Sophie about 7 years ago but it was a first for OH.

 As you can see the weather was on our side while we meandered through the streets and up to the castle
There were seagulls looming everywhere
I've completely forgotten what this actually was - it may have been a grain store... 
Whilst I like the architecture in Rye we didn't stay that long as it was very touristy. 
We then headed a little further down the coast to Romney Marsh which was an incredible landscape. There are also a number of medieval churches that you can visit. Many are your typical stone church but I'd seen pictures of Fairfield Church and just knew I wanted to see it in the flesh. 
And it didn't disappoint
Looking at the map I wasn't sure we would be able to park and walk up to it but we were in luck and there was a foot path that led right up to the front door! The landscape was incredible which such big open skies. It was breathtaking. 

Our last stop of the day was Bodiam Castle which is your quintessentially English Medieval Castle 

Although it was very pretty it just didn't really move me that much which is a real pitty

Still the sun was shining and it was a nice walk before heading off to our first night in our windmill (yes it's now my windmill... )

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