A trip to the coast: Winchelsea

OH and I have been away again - I know 2 holidays in two months but there we go! We hired a car and drove over to the South Coast on the Kent / East Sussex border. We spent the first two nights in the small village of Winchelsea, which it transpires used to be much, much bigger back in the Middle Ages. The sun was shining so we went to explore the village.
 Winchelsea is on the top of a hill after the original village was destroyed in The Great Storm in 1287. Whilst admiring the view we spotted part of the Military Canal at the bottom of the hill . The Military Canal was built during the Napoleonic Wars to help defend the Romney Marshes from the French. It is also good for a short wander through the countryside. 
 I became a little transfixed by these reeds which danced in the wind. At one point I felt as if they were doing a Mexican wave 
 When the reeds ended we came out onto this vast field of wheat. The whole of the Romney Marshes were so flat it was amazing. It also made the skies seem huge
 And to end a quick action shot of OH but also showing how wonderful the landscape was. So that was day one of our short break which we ended in the pub which was literally 2 minutes away from where we were staying. 

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