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So I've been a bit rubbish at sharing my latest makes... A few years ago I wanted to try and post every week about what I've been making but I've been failing to do this for ages now. Anyway this is what I've been up to in the past couple of weeks. Advance warning images are mixed up into landscape and portrait - apologies!
January is birthday season - I'd hate to have my birthday in January as it's so close to Christmas. This is another balloon card I made for my friend Caroline this time. Need to get round to designing some more of  these kind of cards as I really enjoy making them!
I treated myself to a new pattern over the Christmas period when I 'popped' into Liberty's (I was buying a Christmas present for OH's granny and couldn't resist going to the haberdashery). It was by Merchant and Mills, their Camber Set which I have fallen in love with. It's so simple and I love the finish. I have gone a little crazy and am making several items using this pattern - let's call it preparing my spring wardrobe! This is the first finished version using some left over cheap fabric I picked up in Brixton Market last year.

It feels like such a long time ago but here are this year's Christmas cards. First up a simple star made from air drying card with 'ho ho ho' stamped into it which you could then use as a tree decoration. The idea came from lots of people saying that they keep my cards and thought this way it could actually be useful! Sadly the cards kept falling over as the stars were too heavy but you can't have everything!!
I was then very pleased with this papercut which I designed. I was going do a lino print but managed to cut it the right way round which doesn't actually work for lino cuts as it prints the wrong way round. A serious case of learning from your mistakes!! Anyway cut out on white cards then sprayed gold.
Finally I was very pleased with this Christmas pudding. I did a few using left over white fabric which had lots of bees on it but I made a rooky error of posting the cards without photographing them! But this plain white really works just as well I think.
I've been obsessed with Attic 24's Ripple Blanket. They are so relaxing to do in front of the TV of an evening. I made this mini version for my mum and dad's elderly neighbour who is in her 90s - it's more of a lap blanket rather than a full size blanket which I felt may be a bit too heavy for her. 

I also used the Ripple pattern to make a few scarves for girlfriends for Christmas presents. It was also a good excuse to use up some left over wool from previous projects.
I was really happy with the results! Am wondering if I will ever tire of the pattern as I'm now making another blanket for someone's birthday which is a couple of months off.....

Finally this is a little late as I made this over the Summer but haven't shared so better late than never.
It's a really simple top using cut price liberty fabric found in Brixton with hand sewn bias which I was very proud of (but boy does it take a long time). The top is comfy  and cool! The pattern is Burda Style 7509 and is perfect for summer!
And so that's my Made By Me Monday. I may turn this into a regular feature but depends on whether I can get round to photographing and blogging about things I've been making. All I can say is I will try.  Happy Monday!! x

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