Celebrating the Starman - David Bowie shrine grows

At the start of the week the world lost the incredible David Bowie. He was born and bred (well until six) in Brixton and the mural of Bowie outside the wonderful Morleys became a focus for people to gather and lay flowers. I wrote about Brixton on Monday, the day of his death which was a magical but surreal evening. 

Five days on and what has become a shrine to Bowie continues to grow. People are still coming to lay flowers and now write on the wall. Here are a few pictures I took on a cold and sunny Friday afternoon, after 4pm. I was surprised by how many people were there. 

Strangely as I was leaving someone asked me if these two were the same person. I was puzzled and said no they're two models. She said 'oh is that who has died?' - I then had to explain who David Bowie was. Very strange, despite such a huge outpouring of emotion over his death there are still people who have never even heard of him. 

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