Lumiere London - Festival of Light hits the capital Part Two

We returned to see the second half of the Lumiere London, this time up at Kings Cross. Sadly we were a little underwhelmed after such a great spectacle on Thursday we still saw some great sights.  
 First up the giant bird cage had been transformed into UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) by Jacques Rival. 
 Along the canal stood 'binaryWAVES' by LAB (au) which gave great reflections

'The Diver' by Ron Haselden light up the skyline over what I think must be the new outdoor lake / swimming pool in Kings Cross (though it's difficult to tell in the dark. 
Inside the relatively new Central St Martin's College was 'Litre of Light' which I'm afraid I was underwhelmed by but it was demonstrating those in the third world generating more light using water and bleach (if the person I over heard was correct). 

 There was another dress from Tae gon KIM which gave off a ghost like appearance before it changed colour again. 
 Amazing how they seemed to float and shimmer in the dark
Spectra-3 by FIELD-io spun in the shadows of Waitrose
 giving off some incredible shadows
 But the high light of the show was 'The Circus of Light' by Ucobo
 It was a fantastic riot of colour and crazy images

Sadly I can't convey the craziness of this but luckily I've worked out how to upload videos so you can see a brief glimpse of what I've seen: 
Part one 
Part two 
and Part Three. Hope you enjoy these small snapshots. We were lucky, we got to the event very early before the crowds turned up. And the crowds were huge! The event was later closed due to overcrowding. 

Oh and if you're interested below is a short video of the amazing 'Les Lumineoles' from Thursday 

I hope you enjoy! One day I might even work out how to edit video together but at least I now have  YouTube channel  so I can add more short videos in the future. 

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