Little Wonder: Brixton comes out to celebrate the life of local boy David Bowie

Yesterday the world woke up to the news that David Bowie had died following a long battle against cancer. Lemmy had only died a couple of weeks ago (lead singer of Motorhead if you didn't know) and so the world has lost two music icons.

Bowie was a Brixton born lad and so it was fitting that Brixton pulled out all the stops to morn one of it's own. Brixton Buzz was running a Bowie evening in the Prince Albert which I knew would be rammed even before it was advertised in the Evening Standard. Meanwhile there was an unofficial gathering in Windrush Square where fans gathered.

I must admit it was a strange affair. There were crowds of people milling around, some gathering around someone with a guitar or a ghetto-blaster, with others (like me) watching and taking photos.
People turned up in their droves and whilst it was a peaceful affair it was very surreal.
The crowd was very jumpy after someone let off a rocket in Windrush Square which went off with a huge bang and cloud of smoke. Luckily I'd seen them walk past with said rocket to set it off so wasn't too shocked.

I'm a bit rubbish at night time shots but you get the idea!

Although there was an unofficial shrine outside Morleys (see below) a small shrine appeared close to the cinema.
The crowds back to the High Street and down Coldharbour Lane were huge

So after a bit I decided to check out the unofficial shrine outside Morley's where there has been a mural of Bowie by Australian street artist Jason Cochran.
The crowds here were huge too, and news crews were reporting from the scene.

Everyone was taking photos
And the mountain of flowers grew and grew.

Above is the mural this morning on the way to work, people were still adding to the flower mountain. 
With crowds still stopping by and even the news crews were still about. Guy in the top left was waiting to do a piece to camera.

So yesterday was a strange day and I witnessed something surreal and magical at the same time. Rest in Peace  Bowie you Little Wonder you.

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