End of the holidays: A sunny walk in the park

Christmas seems like a distant memory already! One of the depressing things about the Christmas Break is having to return to the real world in January. I try and cheat the inevitable by taking the first day I'm due back at work as annual leave. This year as well as knuckling down to some overdue sewing (will blog about this soon I promise) I took advantage of a brief break in the cloud and went for a walk around my local park (Brockwell Park). Here is what I saw:

Just look at that wonderful blue sky!
 Not sure if you can make these out but this tree was home to some very busy bees
 I love, love, love clear, crisp winter blue skies
 We have loads of parakeets in South London which are now classed as native birds as we have so many! Although I can often hear them or see them flying I don't often get a chance to snap them stationary so this was a treat!
 Hangover from Christmas.....
 Dog walking extraordinaire!

 The cloud hadn't completely disappeared and brought some interesting light

 A quick shadow selfie in the sunshine though I could see the cloud was coming my way.... the sunshine wouldn't be out for long!
 But I did have time to pop into my favourite part of the park, the Walled Garden, to take a few close ups with my macro lens.

 Although the seasons and plants are a little confused given the mild winter we've had in the UK at the moment this blossom is often out in January
 I really enjoyed the remain raindrops which had fallen earlier in the morning on these new, bright green leaves

 Final stop of reflections in the pond before the heavens opened.
Was great to be in the sunshine, getting lots of fresh air and hopefully burn off some of the Christmas excess (though I fear I have a long way to go on that front!). Happy New Year to everyone, hope you have a most wonderful 2016

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