Views from the South Bank

After OH and visited Leake Street  the sun decided to show it's face so we had a quick wander around the South Bank before jumping on the bus home.
 There is always stuff to see at the South Bank. I love this ride which is part of London Wonderground  - it reminds me of the 1950s....
 We found an art installation which when I saw it yesterday just looked like some plastic covering a walk way and was a bit lame BUT when you go inside you got some awesome filters on your camera. Oh and a rare action shot of OH in one of them.....

 Every year this fountain springs up and is really popular.
Not quite sure if an umbrella was really going to help her keep dry but the light was incredible
 And finally a few more shots of the wonderful Carsten Holler helter skelter. Shame I'm not the patient queueing type  as this exhibition does look like a lot of fun.

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