Borough Market

I had a rare day off to myself on Friday where I simply had no plans to be anywhere or meet anyone. Spur of the moment I decided to make a quick trip to Borough Market, home of the foodies. I didn't go because I wanted to buy food but I love the colours you can see there. If you go on a Saturday it's heaving but I figured if I went on a Friday morning it wouldn't be too bad! And I think I timed it just right!


After  that feast for the eyes (as well as stomach) I decided to take a wander up the river to Waterloo and the South Bank
 As you can see the sun was out - the sky was blue (at times) and here is one of my favourite views from the river side 
 But today the tide was out. Which meant you could walk along the foreshore. Now I've lived in London for 23 years and I don't think I've ever walked along the foreshore before. In fairness the Thames is tidal so you've kinda got be in the right place at the time and for once I was! 
 It was great as I was able to see St Paul's and the Millenium Bridge from a different angle! And in parts it was very springy! Most unexpected. And given I work in an archaeology department I was absolutely rubbish and failed to spot any finds! Ah well, next time! Or should that be tide! 
 And finally I had a quick wander around the South Bank. On one of the top levels there is an amazing garden which featured this simply wonderful sunflower. 
And on the way down there were some great views of the helter skelter at the Hayward Gallery which was part of the Carsten Holler exhibition. Such a great way to leave an exhibition!

So there we have it. Views from one of my favourite walks in London. It's short but very, very vibrant and certainly helped clear  the cobwebs!! 

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