Scenes from the garden

As you know I love flowers. I'm always out and about taking photos of them. But now I've started growing them! Some even from seed and so I grabbed the camera this afternoon so I can share the fruits of my labour with you.

 First up a posy of sweet peas and dill which I grew from seed. I was super pleased with these and the smell is simply divine.

 Next up courgette flowers. Now sadly although I tried to grow these from seeds I failed. The first batch did really well but then just fizzled out. The next set I had two really strong plants so I gave a colleague at work one and kept the other for myself. All well and good except I managed to step on it when I was planting... no more courgette plant. My colleague says the one I gave her is doing really well but for my own garden I have to make do with these which I grew from a nursery bought seedling.
 Oh and did I mentioned these are yellow courgettes which I love eating but rarely find in the shops. So much nicer to eat your own!
 This is a cosmos - one of my favourite flowers grown from seed. Yay!!
 First red tomato has come through - another seedling bought I'm afraid but some from seed are coming through.
 Where possible I try to grow bee friendly flowers. And look - just to prove it here is a bee on my verbena - grown from seedlings last year !!
 One of my favourite flowers is an anemone which I bought the first time I went to Great Dixter. And it's still going strong .
 Now the colleague that I gave my courgette seedling to gave me some of her snap dragon seed

 I love this nasturtion - another seeds grown flower
These little Heleniums are like little burst of sunshine. Sadly not grown by seed but love them just the same

This little beauty is a Osteospermum - I love the delicate purple against the white.
 Remember those courgette flowers at the start of the post. Well this is them about four hours later. I love how quickly the flowers can change.

And to end with another snapdragon. Who doesn't love a snap dragon!

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