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Oh dear I seem to have not posted about my crafty activity for quite sometime. But fear not dear reader - it's not that my creativity as been in decline, if anything the opposite. OH says that craft is my crack! I've always got projects on the go.... possibly too many for me to keep up with blogging about them!! So here we go with a card and crochet update.
 I've mentioned before my love of Paper Panda who's work is inspirational and their templates are always a life saver when stuck for inspiration! Above is a template I bought for Mother's Day (yes I know! I did say I was behind with updates....)
 Search Press have recently released a book of Paper Panda templates which is brilliant!  It's a fab mix of easy through to hard. Above is a card I made for my niece's birthday (she works for a horse trainer) and below one for my mum's birthday - she's a keen gardener.
 I've used a top tip from the King of Papercutting, Rob Ryan, who spray paints all finished work to give it a cleaner finish. Can you tell I only have one can of gold paint so far..... Must widen my range!
I hadn't made a vintage stamp card for a while but made this little number for a close friend. Who can't resist a bit of 80s nostalga  Danger Mouse 
 Finally I found a bit of originality. Mother's Day, my mum's birthday and Father's Day are all a little bit close in the calendar for my liking! But I came up trumps with this paper cut / pop up combo for my dad who really is a star!!

 Recently I've been crocheting like a demon! First up is this pastel number. I made a version of this back in 2012. Turns out this has been much loved and is now a little worse for wear so I decided to make a new replacement! Turns out this new version is currently called 'white blanket'.

 Another tah dah moment as my friend's were expecting another baby. I had made this version for his older brother so had to make another. Love the pattern? Check out Attic 24's blog
Unfortunately I over estimated the size and this ended up being HUGE (so big I couldn't easy photograph it!). Not good for a new born so I made a smaller, new born size blanket
I'm sure both blankets will be well used!
So that's the update on blankets and cards to date. There will be more blanket action soon as I'm very close to finishing my first full size Attic 24 Ripple Blanket. It's all very exciting. Plus there will be dress making action very soon!

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