Battle of Waterloo Part Two

So on Sunday I found myself back at Waterloo. The weather was rubbished and the two galleries we planned to visit were shut so OH suggested going back to Leake Street as he wasn't able to go to the actual battle (see Part One). It was eerily quiet after the crowds I'd seen yesterday but great to see the finished results as well as new work going up:

The area where the kids workshops were yesterday had already been transformed 
Was great to see the space being used for other  things other than grafitti as well. This was one of two things being filmed, the other being a music video.... 
 Was great to see work by Brixton regular Dope - he must have arrived after I left (above and below)
 As you can see new work was already going up
This is the only before and after shot I can find. And doubly chuffed that it's a female graffiti artist.

 What a difference a day makes. Above Sunday. Below Saturday

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