Yorkshire break: Walk down the River Ouse

So OH and have been on holiday up to Yorkshire. We started off staying with our friends in York. They live almost on the River Ouse which runs through the centre of York and this is the route for my BFF Skylon's daily walks. You may recall Skylon from a post a couple of years ago - yes Skylon is a Border Terrier and stole a little piece of my heart the first time we met. Anyway we went for a wander on Sunday morning last week and here is what we saw:
This walk is full of my favourite sights starting with a fab mini wild meadow next the river before the park
And residential streets - the brown brick reminds me of towns near where I'm from in Cumbria. 
There was a monthly walk of greyhound rescue dogs
Here is Skylon watching from a far to avoid too much over excitement! 
Of course rivers mean reflections, if you follow me on Instagram then you'll know they are one of my favourite images. Anyway this is one of my favs from that walk (it's of one of the tour boats that go up and down the river). 
But the river wasn't the only place to see reflections. Yep we were in Yorkshire which = rain (though thankfully not all the time!) 
See there was blue sky by the time we went for the walk, it had just rained over night
The nice thing about this walk is that you can also walk back though a small wooded area. This is next to the river very close to the centre of York and it's always magical. 
And then you come out by these wonderful allotments. 
Finally the light through the leaves was incredible. The light from the river was bouncing along the leaves. I did take a video but being the technophobe I am I still need to work out how to put this up on the blog. Soon, I promise! 
So that's part one of our Yorkshire break. More to follow as I fast as I can write them up.... 

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