Brixton Urban Art Fair 2015

OH and I returned from our Yorkshire Break in time for the Urban Art Fair which is literally just over the road from where I live. While OH took the hire car back I grabbed the camera over the road

 Great to see some community lead gardening provided by Reclaim Brixton
 I've seen Fanakapan's work around Brick Lane so it was great to actually meet the artist in person and see him in action
 The screen prints at the front of this photo are by the wonderful Jill Green who I first met at the fair about three years ago. She is also a Crafty Fox regular and I love, love, love her work!
Next to Jill's stand was another Crafty Fox regular and firm favourite of mine was Ray Stanbrook
The great thing about the Urban Art Fair is that there is such a variety of mediums and styles. And seeing Grafitti artists in action is always a bonus! 

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