Yorkshire Break: A Day at the Races

After a couple of very quiet days in a wonderful AirBnB spot in rural Yorkshire we returned back to our friend's in York so we could attend the York Races. Now I went to York Races for a Hen Party back in 2010  and we were in the 'posh bit' where you have to be suited and booted or if you are a woman wearing fascinators and frocks. While it was great to be there with my friends the formal side of things really wasn't my cup of tea and the fascinator soon became FF - I'll let your imagine decide what the F stands for :) On the other side of the track (literally) you can rock up for a fiver with a picnic and your own booze and just relax. And what a great day we had! We even one two races and came second for another so managed not to loose any money. Here are a few pics from the day
 Checking the form
  Placing a bet
 Both sides of the tracks with a great view of the second race of the day! Sadly my horse came last.....
 Close up photo bombing!
 Taking photos of the races isn't as easy as you'd think!
 A selfie waiting for the race to go past

 Just to explain this one I was a fair way into the bottle of white wine I'd taken with me so was having a lie down but still taking photos!

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