The Geffrye Museum

OH wanted to go to the Geffrye Museum last weekend to visit their exhibition on Victorian Homelessness. Can't say it's something that really floated my boat but I was able to take pics which is rare in exhibitions nowadays.

The Geffrye Museum is dedicated to the history of the home and living. Aside from the Exhibition the main collections shows examples of styles and fashions of the home dating back to the 1600s. I loved the way styles change. Above is the 90s.
The 60s - I want the that table!!
30s and 40s with amazing chairs
And down to the 20s or possibly the Teens.... I can't remember now!
This is a quick overview shot to give you an idea of who they lay room by room out. I'm afraid I've omitted examples pre 1900 but they were there!
We found this very odd depiction as part of the trompe l'oeil in the garden room which was a reading room over looking the garden.
Oh and talking of garden yes there were various samples of gardens dating back to Tudor times.
My favourite was the herb garden. Here is bergamot in flower - who knew it looked so pretty!

And the colour of these french marigold was wow, in your face!!

And just to end a bit of old school street art! I love remnants of old advertisements from a bygone era!

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