Yorkshire Break: Bolton Abbey and the Dales

Half way through the week the sun finally made a proper appearance. Last year in Yorkshire we'd visited the incredible Fountains Abbey. Our friend recommended a visit to Bolton Abbey which was on the other side of Skipton. It was also the gateway to the Dales where we took a mini break up Wharfdale, through Wensleydale and back down past the Ribblehead Viaduct.

 Now I must say I was a little disappointed by the size of Bolton Abbey compared to Fountains Abbey but it still must have been magnificent in it's full glory

 But the impressive feature of Bolton Abbey was the extensive and varied countryside the Abbey sat in. 
 There were stepping stones over the river.
I'm such a chicken and opted to cross using the bridge but here is a rare shot of OH braving the stones! 
As well as open countryside there were the most glorious woods with paths weaving up and down the hillside. 
 The woods opened out onto farmland but I loved this view of foxgloves winding up the walls
 Back near the river were a set of placid looking cows but they certainly gave me a funny look when I walked past. I am always very cautious of cows as they can be dangerous! Walkers take care, especially if you have dog!
 OH and I then opted for a wander down the river with a great view of the Abbey (above) and the open countryside (below).

 We jumped back in the car and went for a drive along the Dales. Sadly there were very few places for us to stop so the majority of the following photos were taken in the car. Enjoy!!

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