W.W.W aka Weekend Weather and Walk

Well it was all snow last weekend which I managed to photograph in it's full fury though snow in London never really stays for that long.....

Possibly not the best photos in the world but it did look pretty over night. I felt pretty rotten last weekend (hence the delay in getting these pictures up) though OH and I did walk over to Clapham in the melting snow to see the Artist which was great.

This weekend we went for a wander round the City so that I could get some fresh air and sunshine. I am amazed by the old and the new side by side in the City and it helped that we were following a walk by Dan Cruikshank who is an architectural historian so we saw things we wouldn't necessarily known about. Anyway random set of photos to follow:

 Ye Olde Worlde signs
 Nice stone carving

 Office block windows that gave off an amazing blue hue
 The Barbican complex in an office block window
Part of the Barbican complex in the flesh
A traditional men's outfitters (I think) as it sold pants and suits as well as shoes. Anyway nice action shot of O.H. looking all toastie as it was cold out
Finally love the shapes in some of the new office blocks though below this was New Look (as in the clothes shop)

Anyway was nice to get out and about as we haven't been for a walk for ages! Let's hope that the weather improves so I can go for a few more!

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