Mixing the old with the new

O.H. and I found ourselves back in the City for this week's walk. There is so much to see, so many little alleys with unexpected surprises I'm not sure if we'll ever tire of walking there. This time we walked from Waterloo up to Liverpool Street though admittedly we did skip walking past the front of the Tate Modern and Globe theatre as it's so crowded at the weekends!

These are old arms houses shadowed by a new complex being built next to Tate Modern.
OH spotted this next to the above Arms Houses and it just really made me smile

I spotted this along Southwark Street (I think) and this was once fancy new signage for Tate Modern but like most things now looks old and broken...... 
For those of you who know me I love taking pictures of ducks... admittedly they are normally alive but these were at Borough Market at a Cumbrian stall run by a bloke my sister knows! I love walking through the market but rarely buy from there as it's often really expensive. Instead I wait for a Sunday to go down to my local farmers market in Brixton. 
It's great for photo opportunities though. Above 'cauliflower'. Nice! 

Doing these walks we always spot the unexpected. Above are some camels I spotted near where the Great Fire of London started. I don't think the two events are related though! 
The walk took us through Ledenhall Market which I've never seen before. The architecture was amazing and I think I might try and go back during the week when things will be open. 
I'm into reflections at the moment so here is a self portrait. 

And here is the Lloyds Building reflected next door. There were so many amazing reflections which will be up on my Flicker page soon. 

Here is a church dating back to 1200 over shadowed by the Gerkin. 

Nature in the face of adversity! In the middle of the city I never thought I'd see snow drops but even in the most built up areas there are little oasis of tranquility though note the workman barriers in the background. . 

Modern life is rubbish? OK this was a new one for me and OH, a recycling bin which also gives you live updates on arts, news and the weather. Blade Runner is now here and it's the future..... 

Finally OH took me to Bunhill cemetry which is a really old graveyard in the middle of the city dating around 1800. Famous bodies buried here are Daniel De Foe and William Blake. It was just amazing that it was literally just in the middle of a square with buildings around all sides, including a very nice pub which we stopped off at before making our way home. 

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