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Spring, thank goodness, is in the air! Two days of clear blue skys and blossom on the trees, just the tonic I've needed and it certainly put a bounce in my step. O.H. isn't feeling great this week so we did a short walk around legal London. We always try and do this sort of walk at the weekend when most of the Inns of Court are closed which is frustrating, especially as it means we couldn't see the Temple Church (as in the Davinci Code as well as being a very historic building).... Anyway here are this week's photos:

My motto in life... another self portrait
Reflection of St Paul's and the Royal Courts of Justice
This is the site of Newgate Prison before it was knocked down and prisoners were relocated to the current day Holloway Rd.

There is so much building work going on in London at the moment. This was opposite the Old Bailey and there was a little peep hole so you can see what is going on
 Onto Fleet Street and the Punch Tavern where the magazine of the same name was founded and where we stopped for a cheeky pint.
 Spring has sprung in Lincoln Fields
 Shop window where you could buy a legal wig
This row of lions was at the bottom of Chancery Lane with OH in the background
 My mum and dad have a painting of these towers but I don't think I've ever seen them in real life. It's the library of King's College
 I always like seeing a red telephone box....
 Installation in a sandwich bar
Finally these were the campest bell ringers I've ever seen! Outside St Dunstans next to the Royal Courts of Justice

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