Wire Lapwing

For Christmas I had intended to make Dad a sculpture out of wire but as they say all the best laid plans.....

I'd attend a fantastic wire sculpture workshop a year and a half ago run by Mel Day at Walford Mill in Dorset (my aunt lives near by so it was easy to get to) and loved it but never got round to putting into practise what I learnt.

I think part of it was the fear of 3D! I've been making things ever since I can remember but 9 times out of 10 they have been 2D. But Dad was approaching the grand old age of 70 and so it was time to step up  to the plate, put aside my fears and just do it. The first attempt was a truely awful blue tit. The wire I was using was just too bendy and I gave up half way through.

I returned to the pile of birding books I have to find inspirations. And there it was, a lapwing. One of my most favourite birds (they make a really cool noise too).

I was suppose to be going to a Golden Wedding anniversary of friends of the OH (other half) but was running out of time to make damn thing. So I cancelled the anniversay do and set the whole day aside for creativity. And here is the result:

And here is  a picture of the real thing (taken at Leighton Moss RSPB reserve)

All I have to do now is keep it up and try something new every so often... 

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  1. Your wire sculpture is beautiful! I love him! Please make more and show us! :-)