Perhaps it's old age but the concept of a blog is a little alien. I set up this account over  a year ago but have never known what to put up. I have come to the conclusion that I just have to jump in feet first and put pen to paper (ok fingers to keyboard) and see what happens...

I may just be writing to myself or I may get a following. Who knows! But I thought that the blog could be a good platform to show off my creative side and also a diary of what I've been up to. There may be a flurry of blogs, there may be long periods of silence but this is the way my creativity has always been.

So I should introduce myself and what I do. A friend once described me as a cross between Martha Stewart and Courtney Love. I am always making things but also had a semi rock 'n' roll life style (at the time I was dating a roadie and so hanging out at Brixton Academy but I still love my music). The description sums me up and so my online persona of Martha Love was born.

By day I'm an administrator in a university, by night I like to make stuff. This ranges from cards (see Marthaloves on, take photos (see Marthalove on, designing cross stitch patterns (it looks better than it sounds, trust me!) and I've ventured into wire sculpture as well as listening to lots of music and going on walks with Ben, the very patient other half to discover more of London, the great city we live in.

I get over excited about many things and have recently been described as being like a puppy by Ben. I want to do so much and feel there is so little time to do it in.... Hopefully a blog with (hopefully) an audience will help me to focus and achieve more! Or at least share my enthusiasm for life and all it holds.

So welcome! I hope you enjoy the mad capped world of Martha Love which will cover cards, ducks, photos, sheep, walks, flowers, friends, music, quizzes and much more...

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