Bert about town

You might remember when I last wrote that O.H. brought Bert, the Farting Hippo into my life for my birthday. The other part of my birthday pressie was a trip on the Duck Tour in London town. Now you may or may not know that I have a slight obsession with ducks (look at the Flickr pages for proof) but the duck tour does not involve actual ducks. It's a truck which goes all James Bond and can float in the river. So O.H. and I pretended to be tourists for 70 mins and enjoyed the sights and sounds of tourist London and we felt it only right that we take Bert who is new in town having just landed town from the States. So here is Bert and the House of Parliament:

And back on dry land here's Bert in front of the London Eye, with Big Ben in the background:

And finally we visited a small fun fair at the South Bank so here's Bert just before he went on the Helter Skelter....

Bert enjoyed his day out so much that we might taken him out again.... O.H. can hardly wait!

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