Animals do the funniest things

By day Martha Love toils behind a desk as an administrator and life at work has been a little hectic this week so I thought I would share with you what has made me laugh recently. Over Easter I went back to the Motherland, aka Cumbria, aka the Lake District to visit the folks and help dad celebrate the aforementioned 70th birthday (see wire lapwing).

I normally go home for Christmas, in the midst of winter with snow and ice. The folks live literally in the middle of no where, nearest next door neighbour is a mile away. So mid winter can be a dark and cold place. Spring however is a competely different kettle of fish! Sun was shining, lambs were running around and I was able to sit out in the garden every day I was there (virtually unheard of!) soaking up the rays and enjoying the constant bird song.

And so off I ventured with the camera to take shots of the lambs enjoying the joys of youth. I got some nice shots (see Flickr: - April 2011) but I hit gold with this:

Other gems taken recently of images that have really made me smile are:

Skating seagull taken at Kew Gardens in Winter 2010. And:

A red pochard taken at WWT Barnes which to me looks like a duck singing in the shower

Hope you enjoy!

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