Jeff Koons: Now at the Newport Street Gallery

There is a new gallery on the block in fair old London town. Damien Hurst's long awaited Newport Street Gallery  opened at the end of 2015 but OH and I were a bit slow on the uptake and only realised when I'd seen some photos a friend had posted on Instragram. Sunday was a dull grey day, perfect for a short bus ride down to Kennington to check out the current exhibition 'Jeff Koons: Now'. Also it was my birthday and I felt we should do something!
 Now this little boy made me laugh as I overhead him saying 'Mum, mum this isn't art'
I must admit I don't think I've ever seen any Koons in the flesh before but I loved the bright, shiny surface of this. 
 Great for close ups
 and reflections 
 though guessing it's not as innocent as you first imagine....
 I love galleries that let you photograph. I think I've said before that my way of interacting with exhibitions is by photographing it. 
 sneeky shot of OH as well as being a gallery shot

 I love the texture of this. OH and I recon it must have been inspired by a painting  though we were also a bit rubbish and failed to read any of the blurb they gave out at the start. 
 Wasn't sure about basketballs floating but everyone wants to photograph.  
 Oh hello again. Overhead shot of the not so innocent blue balloon just incase you didn't get what I was hinting at before ;) 
 It wasn't all sculpture. Here is some of the paintings though I'm not sure I like it. Do I sound like a prude? I'm not really but I just couldn't relate to this 
 This, however made me smile if that's the right response in a modern art gallery 
 Wasn't sure about this but did like the way people were interacting with it
I thought I saw a puddy cat....
 I think this was my favourite piece. 
 Another painting though nope, sorry, still no idea what it's meant to be.... I'm rubbish at interpreting art - I have two settings - either it makes me smile or it doesn't.... 
 You could also stop off at Pharmacy 2, bar / restaurant. We gave it a miss but I did take a quick snap
 We'd gone to the gallery by bus via Kennington but figured we would walk back to Vauxhall. Here we were doing the Vauxhall Walk which is just up from the Lambeth Walk
The clouds were looking ominus adding to the drama.  
 Also spotted some signage from a bygone era
As well as these glorious irises which were huge.... And that's it! A great afternoon and it was free. Even better!! 


  1. Hi martha,

    Thanks for reviewing this. Think we're finally making our way to the Jeff Koons exhibition tomorrow but having doubts whether it's suitable for children. Remember those 90s pictures of the artists and his then wife? I wouldn't want to have to explain that to my 8 y/o, not just yet anyway.

    The other less graphic stuff with hints (I hope) she won't be able to pick up just yet I'm ok with.

    Any advise?


    Karina / The Quick Brown Fox Video Production

    1. Hi Quickbrownfoxuk - thanks for your comment. There is one room with very explicit material in it but you are forewarned in advance. Might be worth asking when you arrive if there is a route where you can avoid this room which is on the ground floor next to the stairs. Not sure if there was a lift in a different area. The rest of the exhibition has some suggestive items (akin to above) but they wouldn't be very obvious to an eight year old. I did see several children when I went if that helps.