A Walk on Hampstead Heath

Last week it was lovely and warm in London. OH and I wanted to go for a walk and so we trekked back up to his old stomping ground of North London to go for a walk on Hampstead Health then back round to Archway tube whilst basking in the warmth. It wasn't 100% blue skies all the time but that didn't matter. Walking in relative heat is so invigorating it puts a spring in your step. Spring is official here. Yay!!
 When we first entered the Heath we were faced with this around the Ponds 
 It all looks quite brutal but I'm sure it will look great once they've finished. This is a close up of the Model Pond damned half way through which was kind of biblical. 
 The works were HUGE. Something to do with flood prevention according to OH.
 Looks like they found this during the excavation - looked like a golf buggy but who knows.... 
 Soon we were back out into a Heath which is much more familiar
This week's sneeky shot of OH in action
 You may think blimey she takes a lot of pictures looking up at trees but I love, love, love the sight of sunlight shining through new leaves. Such a beautiful sight. 
 Everyone seemed to be out enjoying the sunshine

 On the top of Parliament Hill there is a great view of London spread out below. Funnily enough I can get this view in reverse from work if I go to the top floor where I can see Parliament Hill!


 As you can see not clear blue skies but it hasn't put anyone off! 
 Another view of London a little further down the hill. Sadly I seem to have failed to take a picture of the athletics track which is further down the hill where these people are sat. The track is used by the Highgate Harriers and my Grandma was a member back in the '30s. 
 This was a hot dog.... 
 Leaving the Heath I spotted. If anyone knows what a beanfeast is please do let me know as I have no idea. 
 Presumably this sign was too high to take down whilst this restaurant was open given this is now 2016 and it's clearly closed down.... Sadly the whole of this block of shops looks derelict - possibly redevelopment which is sad as it was a nice parade at one point. 
 Well of course I found some graffiti - not much to see in the grand neighbourhoods of Highgate and Hampstead but this was by Peagsus
 When we set off on our walk I had planned to pop into Highgate Cemetery but when it came to it it was too nice a day to wander through a cemetery so I took these pics through the fence. 
 Blossom, bluebells and burials - a strange combinations!
And finally we walked through an estate which OH used to walk through all the time as he went to Primary School close by. He still calls it Legoland! 

So there we have it. Another fab walk in the sunshine. 

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