Dulwich Outdoor Gallery 2016

This weekend OH and I went on part of the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery which was part of the Dulwich Festival . Last year we went to some of the Artists' Open House  which I must admit we found a little bit weird as it's basically someone opening their houses up to the public and various artists have small stalls within the house. It's a great idea but I feel like I'm being nosey around someones house and the whole thing just makes me uncomfortable. However this year I spotted there was a trail of street art around Dulwich which reminded me of Ghent's Concrete Tour which we did last year and it was brilliant.

So off we went with a print out of the map to see how many we could spot. Some were certainly easier than others and we simply couldn't find some and ran out of energy so we didn't complete it all but certainly gave it a good shot.

We started off at the Dulwich Picture Gallery which is where all of the artists took their inspiration for their work. We opted not to go into the Gallery as we were on a mission so crossed over the road to find the works in Dulwich Park.
 First up we saw this which was part of three pieces of sculpture but it wasn't what we were looking for. 
 I then made OH walk towards a fun fair which was in the middle of the park. I must admit I found this train some what creepy! 
And though the Victorian funfair looked great from a far close up it was a little bit jaded if I'm honest. 
 But luckily behind the funfair was the Bowling Club which featured not one but two pieces. Above is by the wonderful Stik
And this is Thierry Noir. If you are thinking of walking the tour these are numbers 7 & 18 

 So we carried on walking through the park looking for 16 and 13
 The sun was shining
 and the blossom was out but no sign of numbers 16 and 13. 
 We gave up and decided to try and find numbers 15 and 14 on Court Lane. But it turns out that 15, 14, 16 and 13 are all on Court Lane (the map they give you it looks as if some are in the park). This is number 13. 
 Must admit it was a bit odd seeing street art in this setting. This is either 14 or 15
 Don't get me wrong the art work was great but the setting just didn't feel right to me. 
 Anyway the work is by Stik and Michael Beerens. I'm not sure who the robots are by as I don't think they're on the map. This is number 16. 
Now as I said before OH and I feel uncomfortable about the Open House thing but I couldn't resist the lure of this neon shining out of one of the houses on the route. 
 The work was by Brilliant Neon and I think a little bit of me fell in love...  
 So after the first frustrating part of the walk where struggled to find the work things started to get a bit easier. This is by Mad C (number 12)
 Followed by number 11 by Phlegm
 Whilst walking down Lordship Lane we spotted this brilliant prefab house from the 40s with a wonderful garden. 
Just look at this riot of colour! 
 This is by Mear One (number 9) 
 We stumbled across a tour of the artwork going the opposite direction to us. This was brilliant artwork in progress. Sadly we completely failed to spot number 10 which is another piece by Stik. Sadly the map gave you little clue which I suppose is part of the fun but I did find it frustrating! 

 I spotted these old signs on the building where the queen above was going up. 

 Number 8 was sighted on the map as being by Michael Beerens again (below) but on the same wall was above by deskreet  and sadly I don't know who did Alfred Hitchcock above that. 

 We also spotted another deskreet on the otherside of the road which isn't part of the map
 And also this amazing Kingfisher which was just mind blowing. 

And finally this is by Conor Harrington (number 26). We came to a natural end of our tour as the bus to take us back to Brixton was just by this last piece. If you are doing the tour you need to look up for 8, 25 and 26 which are mushrooms by Christian Nagel though I'm afraid I didn't take pictures. 

This Concrete Tour was great though it was frustrating at times trying to find some of the works. There are nearly 30 pieces in total but are spread out from Peckham to Forest Hill, from Dulwich to Herne Hill. I'm hoping that the pieces will be up for a while so it you have a chance download the map and happy hunting! 

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