Beer and Bread Festival at Brixton Windmill

OH and I popped up to the Beer and Bread Festival at Brixton's Windmill on the May Day Bank Holiday. 
 Yes if you didn't know Brixton has a windmill. A restored windmill no less which was also celebrating it's 200th Anniversary AND the launch of it's new flour produced on site. 
We were lucky - we saw a bit of blue sky before it clouded over
It was a busy day - everyone had come out to enjoy the sunshine 

 But there were lots and lots of queues for both the beer and bread 
 Though you could then sit and enjoy the eclectic collection of live music

 Again there were more queues for the bread provided by the wonderful Old Post Office Bakery (they do a mean Apple and Almond cake though sadly the queue was huge and there was only one slice left) 

Despite the queues it was a relaxing afternoon and great to see the sun shining. 

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